Thursday, March 31, 2011

"Not again", you say?

I'm kinda digging a new pair of TOMS.
I may end up waiting until the summer line comes out, but here are some of my favorites out now:
Grey Chambray Cordones

Black Glitters

Classic Navy

What do you think?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Etsy? I'll take some

And check out my (half) sister's mom's new shop!
She is currently unemployed and is trying to supplement her income some.
She makes scarves, cowls, and more.

In fact, I just bought this scarf:

Check it out here!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A little out of the ordinary.

When I saw this post on Suzy's blog, I just knew I had to post about it as well.

This wedding is simply to. die. for.

Here is Rebecca and Derek's wedding, through photos:

They rented bicycles for all the guests to ride on after the ceremony to the reception

...and let them decorate the bikes.

Picnic, anyone?

...even mini golf.

Maybe someday!

Monday, March 21, 2011

My weekend & a phobia.

This weekend was Michigan DECA.

Oh. Man.

What a great/bittersweet weekend.

Let me start off with Friday.
We get to the hotel that the events are taking place at, at about 1:30. We end up having to get dressed for Quiz Bowl (the preliminary rounds were at 4) in our teacher's mom's room because the hotel (4 star, by the way) doesn't have all of the rooms ready. Which is kind of ridiculous. Anyway, Quiz bowl.
We won the first round 17-2! Piece of cake.
...then proceeded to lose the second round 8-4. Ha.

It's okay though. It was so much fun. I definitely want to do it again.

On Saturday, we really didn't have much to do, since we were out of the contest. We have breakfast in the morning, and around 2:00 one of my roommates asked if I wanted to go with her and a couple other girls to walk around town a bit. We do, and it was so much fun! We just browse a bit. Things are pretty expensive.
Meanwhile, my roommate keeps saying that her stomach hurts. I don't think too much of it though, because she has a blood disorder, and didn't take her pill. Oh, and she's a complainer.

My other roommate, her, and I, decide to go down to the lobby and get some dinner at the restaurant there.
Long story short - and I'll spare you the details - she PUKED in the elevator! I about flipped my lid. I screamed a little. It's a phobia of mine; puking. I can't take it. Whenever someone even TELLS me their stomach hurts, I get all shaky.


Then, the back of my jeans got splattered a bit. And I only brought one pair with me. So I have to wear a skirt the rest of the weekend. It sucked. :( That included a hockey game.

BUT, nevertheless, my roommates (besides the pukey girl) completely and totally rocked. I made three new friends! They are so awesome.

I recall eating a lot of elk jerky, pretzel rods, and a $9 pint of ice cream (that sucked).

I'm going again next year.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Weekend outfits: I'm just a regular business woman these days.

Remember when I went to district level competition for the Marketing program of students I'm in; DECA? (The largest student-lead organization in the world, I hear.)
Well, I didn't qualify for state, my parter and I were runner-ups.

it turns out that there is a DECA Quiz Bowl team here at state level, and our Marketing teacher got to pick a few 'select' students to participate, and he chose me!

So, at 10am this Friday, I will be headed to state competition.

There's a couple funny things to this story though:

1) I have to be dressed 'business professional' at all events
2) If we don't pass the preliminary round that's Friday night, technically I'm done for the rest of the weekend.
3) Saturday night, we're going to a hockey game. All 2,500 of us students competing at state-level.

Well, you guys are professional adults. I thought I'd give you a look at my 'professional' outfits.

(Sorry none of the photos are full-body shots, none of my family can take pictures worth crap, so I have to do it myself.)


Sweater: Max Rave
Top: Old Navy
Skirt: Old Navy
Shoes (not pictured): Target


Top: Target
Sweater: Old Navy
Skirt: F21
Shoes (not pictured): Target

Saturday night hockey game (casual):

Tank: Old Navy
Top: F21
Cardigan: F21
Jeans: American Eagle
Belt: American Eagle
Shoes: TOMS

Oh, and I bought myself my first purse. Yeah. Not sure how I feel on this, because I never thought the day would come. But, I knew that I would need something to be able to hold all of my money, my phone, schedule, and all that other junk I'd be needing this weekend. Isn't it cute though?

And my new wallet/clutch:

Well, what do you think? Professional enough? I hope so! :)

I really don't care if the Quiz Bowl team wins or loses: If we win, that's great, but if we don't pass the preliminaries, I've got a full day free at a 4 star hotel! ;)

Wish us all luck. I will blog about it when we get back. See you on the flip side, friends.
Have an awesome weekend!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

A first for everything...even at 16.

I made my first Build-a-Bear today.

Isn't she cute?! Her name is Paris. :)

That is all.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Friends, let's love a little

Considering Lent begins today, I thought it would be an appropriate time to post my thoughts on, none other than,


Some of us may not agree with what Lent symbolizes.
Some of us may not agree with abortion.
Some of us may not agree with homosexuals.
Some of us may not agree with Republicans.
Some of us may not agree with Democrats.
Some of us may not agree with Christianity/Buddhism/Hinduism/Catholicism, etc.

But that does not mean you should be disrespectful.
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

*steps off soapbox*

In other news, Living Aloha is hosting a giveaway for an iPod Shuffle and iTunes gift card!
Get in on it!

If we lose love and self respect for each other, this is how we finally die.
-Maya Angelou

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dreamin' on a Sunday morning

I want to take a photo in a phone booth in England.

I want to see something like this in person:

I want to meet Ina Garten.

I want to be able to make pillows like this:

I want to go here:

I want a MacBook.

I want to take photos atop the Eiffel Tower.

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.
-Walt Disney

Friday, March 4, 2011

Photo Friday and some Blanks!

Happy Friday, everyone!
I know I sure am glad it's finally Friday.

Today, I'm going to fill in some blanks from Lauren's blog. You can link up there. :)

1. The phrase or punctuation I overuse the most is probably ellipses... my friend got me hooked on them about a year ago. As far as a phrase though... I say a lot of things like, "you gotta do what you gotta do," and/or "stuff happens. We get through it". I'm trying to become more and more go-with-the-flowish. Why stress, folks.
2. Today I am thankful for having someone I can complain to, even though we aren't THAT close and some people might even surprised that we're somewhat-friends. I'm telling you, after a stressful week filled with drama, it's good to have that person that will bring you back down to earth.
3. My best friend is you know, I don't think I really have one. I don't have that ONE person that I tell everything to. My school isn't that big, and the friends that I do have just don't get me. Know what I mean? It's sad, yeah, but heck. You get through it. I know it won't last. I mean, just because I don't have a BEST friend doesn't mean I don't have friends in general. Those, I do have.
4. A quirky thing about me is I don't like to talk after school, and in the morning. I just need time to destress before I can talk to people (my parents) without biting their heads off and spitting them out. Ha...maybe it's a teenager thing.
5. This weekend I have no plans, other than youth group on Sunday. Gosh...i need to get a life!
6. Something that worries me is always being single. I know I've blogged about that before, and it's just something silly that I think about sometimes. I want to be married pretty bad (why? I have no clue) and the thought of being alone forever scares me quite a lot. Oh, and I also am a pretty bad hypochondriac.
7. On my night stand you would find water bottles, my iPod usually, a lamp, a magazine bowl I made at camp with price tags from clothing in it (weird. haha, that can be my quirky thing!), and some other random junk.

And now, my Photo Friday finds. :)

I hope everyone has a great weekend. What are you guys' plans?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wishlist Wednesday.


this tunic:

these sandals:

these laceless slip ons:

these dark skinny jeans:

this classic black mirror:

these unique sandals
(that don't just help out your wardrobe, check out their story)

this amazing earring holder:

this nautical necklace:

these brilliant bandaids:

this leaf wall art:

What's on your wishlist today?