Saturday, December 10, 2011

Going vegetarian for a week!

This week I've decided to go vegetarian!
I started today, and made my first vegetarian lunch.

Here's a photo:

It was pretty delicious, not going to lie.
It's orzo pasta, green beans, fennel, garlic, and olive oil.
It was so simple too! It only took about 20 minutes to cook. And I think it would be good cold too, so I can take it to lunch at school.

The reason why I'm only going vegetarian for a week though, is to see what it is like. I hate eating food that I know has preservatives and chemicals in it, so I'm considering making this be my new year's resolution: to go vegetarian. This is just a trial period to see what it entails and see if I can do it. :)

Would you ever go vegetarian?