Friday, November 12, 2010

Fill in the Blank Friday #9

Fill in the Blank Friday.

1. The most spontaneous thing I've ever done is wow, wish I had an answer for this one. I really am not too spontaneous. :(
2. The best gift I've ever received was laughter. :) Sounds silly, but I can't imagine what my life would be like without it.
3. A time that I was truly and genuinely surprised was when my sister, Ashley got engaged. She had told my mom and dad, but they for some reason hadn't told me yet. I found out on Twitter!
4. I can't leave the house without my cell phone, and usually iPod.
5. My favorite day of the week is Saturday because I love how open it is. You can do whatever you want. I wish there were more days just like it!
6. Something that can always make me laugh is my friend Dylan. No joke, he is seriously one of the most funny people I have EVER met.
7. My perfect day would include hanging out with my friends. We'd go watch movies at someone's house, eat good food, and just chill. It's the little things. ;)

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  1. Your blog is adorable! Friends that make you laugh are the best :) Happy Friday!