Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday Photos and Weekend Wrap-up - November 1

Happy Monday!

This week's photo theme is:

Bands/Artists I heart.

Relient K


The Fray

Mat Kearney
(He's a looker.)

In other news, my weekend was
once again. Let me share. :)

Friday: I come home from school to see my aunt and step uncle here. That was a nice surprise to start the weekend. :)

Saturday: This is where it gets good. I was SO incredibly busy Saturday. My dad took my friend Lindsey and I to the football playoff game. That was fun. Then I go and LOSE my brand new phone! Whoops. Mistake. We go searching around the entire football stadium for a good 20 minutes. Give up. End up talking to someone at the concession stand, and they take us up to the press box to see if someone had turned it in. I immediately see it sitting on the desk. The lady sitting there questioned me. I can understand that, to a degree, but she seriously thought I was like lying or something. Ha. Anyway, we go buy hot dogs and can finally enjoy the rest of the game.

After the game, my friends Dylan and Tim meet up with us, and we go to my church for this big, annual Halloween party they throw. Basically kids come, they play a game, and then you hand them candy. Lucky for Dylan, Tim, and I... we all got games that had three little balls, and when the kids missed whatever they were aiming for (every time), then you had to bend over and pick the balls up. So, long story short, we all were bending over for 2 hours straight.
We had such a great time though! It was so much fun.
Saturday = Success.

Sunday: Sore from Saturday, I go to church and that's about it until 5:30. I end up going to my friends youth group (we carved pumpkins!), and Dylan, Tim, Lindsey and myself all go mini-golfing right afterwards. How fun! We all stopped playing after about the 9th hole. Have you ever completely finished a game of mini golf? I know I haven't. We get goofy halfway through and then just mess around.

How was your weekend?

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