Monday, June 7, 2010

I met Hawk Nelson.

Saturday, May 22, 2010 may have been the best day of my life. I met Jason Dunn, Jon Steingard, Dan Biro, and Justin Benner. I went on their tour bus, I ate a Jason Dunn cheese stick, and Hawk Nelson Cheerios.

The day started out pretty early. Wake up at 6am, be picking a friend up by 7. Three hour drive to Muskegon, Michigan to spend the day at Michigan’s Adventure. Then, Hawk Nelson concert and see my brother-in-law again! Sounds like one great day. And don’t get me wrong, it was.

Michigan’s Adventure may not have the biggest, baddest, meanest roller coasters around, but I sure do like them. When we first got to the park, Anna and I headed for the Corkscrew. I had only been on it one other time, and it was okay. I was pretty much only going on it so she wouldn’t have to go alone. Nonetheless, it was a pretty good warm-up coaster. To keep a long story short, we went on Shivering Timbers twice and Thunderhawk once. I tried to decide if I could actually go on Thunderhawk for about half an hour… But something urged me to do it. Who knows, maybe I have an adventuresome spirit after all? Nah… I doubt it. Must have been something in the water.

I’m glad I did it. Sure, I closed my eyes the entire time I was on Thunderhawk, except for those 2.3 seconds when I opened them and saw sky… but I think I can say that if I get another chance, I will go on it again. Just keep my eyes open.

I have to say, getting to go straight through the gate that everyone is waiting around for the concert by the escort of your brother-in-law, is pretty darn rad. I felt pretty special. They actually had the stage set up in the wave pool. (No… the water was drained. That would have been fun though!) Superchick, John Ruben, and Bread of Stone went on before “Hawk”, and they were all great. I think they knew that we were all there for Hawk Nelson though. The bad part though, was that the boys didn’t come out until 9:20pm. The cool part though, was that during Hawk’s performance, we got to stand up on the audio booth with Josh, the brother-in-law I mentioned. That was really cool. I also saw some sound guy wearing TOMS Shoes! That was pretty neat. I almost said something to him… but didn’t.

Out of all the music I heard that day, I think Hawk Nelson sounded the best. Josh really knows how to do his job, and well. While watching him push all the faders and buttons on his sound board, I asked him how he learned to do all of that. His reply? “Um… I’m not sure!”

Hawk Nelson's tour bus is the best. They don't have their own, but they go through the same company everytime they go on the road. The one they had that day, was pretty darn awesome. Walk on the bus, kitchen/living room. The couches along the wall were so comfy! I could easily live on this bus. But after you go back just a little farther than that, you hit the bunks. They have 12 total. I'd say they're pretty spacious, too. Then just further back then that, is this 'den' area. Did I mention they have satellite TV and internet on the bus? What a hook-up. How could you not live on this bus? It's like... a house on wheels.

Thanks to Josh Chambless, May 22, 2010 was the best day of my life. Thanks again, Josh!

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