Monday, June 28, 2010

What should have been "Airplane Adventures"...

Every summer since the third grade, I've gone to visit my sisters that live in Tennessee. I have always stayed for two weeks, and this year I wanted to try something a little different: 3 weeks. Two weeks is too short. Plus, I'm older. This is where the story gets interesting.

We booked a flight for me to fly to Tennessee. I would fly from South Bend to Chicago, have a 3 hour layover, then go from Chicago to Nashville. Seems pretty simple, right? I can handle this.

We drive to South Bend. We go up to the United Airlines counter, and want to check me in. (I'm not sure what the employee's name is, so we'll just call her "Frizzy Hair Lady".)

Mom: "We need to check Brittney Schermerhorn in."

Frizzy Hair Lady: "Sorry. Her flight's been cancelled."

Mom: "What? Do you have anything else she could get on?"

Frizzy Hair Lady: "No."

Ashley: "Not one flight, one seat?"

Frizzy Hair Lady: "No. But she could get on a bus and try to catch her connecting flight in Chicago."

Mom: "A bus? She's a minor!"

Frizzy Hair Lady: "Well, it's up to you."


By this time, my family and I had been trying to figure out what we could do so I could get to Tennessee. After we thought we had a plan, we had to go talk to Frizzy Hair Lady again to see if I could get transfered to my sister's flight with Delta. No one is at the counter, so we ring this bell. She comes up front, and says that she can't help us, the airline needs her help with a flight that just came in. There is three other people standing in line.

Frizzy Hair Lady: "Sorry. Can't help you. Flight just came in they need my help with. Be back in 30 minutes."

Ashley: "You can't just help us really quick?"

Frizzy Hair Lady: "No. I can in 30 minutes."

Frizzy Hair Lady exits.

We decide this is the final straw. My sisters flight kept getting more and more delayed, so we decide to just rent a car and drive it.

I got my hopes up for nothing. Thank you, Frizzy Hair Lady. Your courtesy made it all the better.

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