Tuesday, July 27, 2010

You know you're at a Christian concert when...

I got home at 4:05am last night. My youth group (if you can call it that… 3 kids, a youth pastor and his wife) went to Ignite Chicago. The Christian Festival. While there, I began to realize some things that make Christian concerts a little different than your average rock concert.
Let me share them with you.

-You know you’re at a Christian concert if things are running 45 minutes behind schedule.
-You’re definitely at a Christian concert if they give away free tickets to a different festival.
-You’re at a Christian concert if the cup holders on your seats advertise Miller Lite, but no alcohol is served.
-No doubt about it; You’re at a Christian concert if the artists have more than one cover song. I know I’ve found QUITE a few Christian bands that I didn’t know any of their songs.
-Don’t think you’re not at a Christian concert if the artists can go into the crowd without being ripped to shreds. We all know this couldn’t happen at a secular concert.
-You’re at a Christian concert if the smell of sunscreen permeates your nostrils even after you’re back at home, two days later. We Christians care about that stuff. No skin cancer for us, no sir.
-If there’s even a shadow of a doubt in your mind about whether you’re at a Christian concert or not, this will seal the deal. They’re selling “Virginity Rocks!” t-shirts. Can’t forget the back though… “I’m loving my husband, and I haven’t even met him!”

I went to a Christian concert.

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