Sunday, January 9, 2011

A note to followers and a little bit about me.

First off, I just wanted to give a big shout out - and thank you - to all 21 of my followers.

21 may be a slim number to a lot of people, especially those of you that have upwards of hundreds, if not thousands of followers. But to me, that's more than I ever thought would care enough about my little blog to read, let alone comment. :)

Also, in honor of this moment, I thought you guys might like to know a little bit more about myself. You learn tidbits here and there in my day-to-day posts, but there's a whole lot more to me than just that.

  • I am a little infatuated with the colors white, navy blue, and gray. Aside from blue jeans, I wear one of those colors every single day. I guess I like to blend in a bit. ;)
  • I tweet a LOT. It's a hobby for me, really. (No shameless self-promotion here, but, if you wanna follow me, click this. :)

  • I am very, very interested in Europe, especially France. It's my ultimate dream to visit France. I have even been considering relocating there for maybe a year or so after high school or college.
  • Both of my parents were married previously, and I have four half sisters. Their names are Ashley, Ashlie, Nicole and Nicole. No joke! It can get very confusing at times.
  • I drink way too much Diet Coke.
  • I've been to Tennessee I think 10 times.
  • I went to Mall of America this past summer. It's pretty cool - but I think it gets a little too much hype.
  • I LOVE birthdays. Which reminds me - mine is in a month and 2 days! I'll be 16 years old baby!
  • Keeping Up with the Kardashians is my 'guilty pleasure' show.
  • I love shopping. It's so fun for me to just go and spend a day at the mall. Maybe I should be a buyer for a store or something as a career. :)
  • I text a lot. But I'm not one of those annoying teenagers that's on their phone 24/7. But for me, texting is easier and a whole lot quicker than calling.
  • I love watching movies. It's a great way to waste a day.
  • Keane is one of my favorite bands. Seriously, they are the stuff!

That's about it, for now. :) Hope you guys all have a great rest of the weekend. Enjoy it while it's here!


  1. I didn't know you were going to be 16! YAY :D And I DEFINITELY recommend the exchange year studying in France. I think, in college would be more beneficial..just the age and you're more on your own anyway already (just a tip ;)) I grew up in Germany myself until I was barely your age and it's life changing! Definitely do it while you can!

    I'm 100% addicted to Coke. So we can share that boat together, ya? :) 21 IS a big number! I myself had a growth spurt the past month and jumped to 40 and I'm always amazed! Yay for mini bloggers - I can't even fathom 1000+ followers! Sometimes I have a hard time answering the comments I get now!

    (Alright, rambling here)
    xo :) bye!

  2. Yeah, I agree about the whole waiting until college thing. Seems to make more sense. :) And that's so cool about you growing up in Germany. I read about that through various posts or whatever and that's awesome! So cool.

    Haha, awesome! Diet Coke lovers unite! :D And I soo know what you mean about having like 1000 or more followers. That's crazy! I mean it's awesome that that many people are interested in your blog, but I couldn't keep up with that.

  3. Love the Kardashians! Woooo

    XoXo Nicole Mariana