Friday, February 11, 2011

Happy Birthday, to me!

It's my sweet sixteenth today!

Yesterday, my brother in law posted this video on Twitter.
It's short, watch it!

My bro-in-law is the tour manager for the band Hawk Nelson. Have you heard of them? They're great!
Anyway, I've met the entire band 2 or 3 times, but I've met their guitarist, Jon, over 5 times. I love these guys, they are simply the best.

Today itself was really good.
Nothing special really happened until about 3rd block, when we ate ice cream and brownies. Yum.

After school my mom, dad, and I all went to Texas Roadhouse for my birthday dinner. (I didn't want my picture taken, but...)

Here we are. Did I mention I got contacts yesterday?!
I'm a complete new person since even a month ago!
Ears pierced, new haircut, braces off, and contacts. :)
(Off topic. Sorry.)

When I had gotten home from school I spotted a large box sitting outside.
It was flowers from the same brother-in-law I talked about earlier, and my sister. :) How sweet! I was so happy.

It's a dozen different-colored roses. They're gorgeous.

Then, my sister emailed me this video.
(Seriously, if you didn't watch the last video, at least watch this one.)

So, yes! They are taking me to the Revolve Tour in March! I am so excited. :) They are seriously the best. Hawk Nelson will be there too, so I'll get to meet them again.

My birthday this year was a total success. :)

And now, time for the very first ever...
Photo Friday!

Here are my finds for this week:

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!


  1. Happy Birthday Britt! buuuut I am a bit jealous. lol hope you have fun!! :)

  2. Happy (belated) birthday!! Sounds like you had a great one!!!

  3. Those videos are so sweet! And also, I love that Ashley and Josh have the same glasses. Haha :)

  4. Haha, thanks everyone! :)

    Emily- Ha! I know, right?