Monday, March 21, 2011

My weekend & a phobia.

This weekend was Michigan DECA.

Oh. Man.

What a great/bittersweet weekend.

Let me start off with Friday.
We get to the hotel that the events are taking place at, at about 1:30. We end up having to get dressed for Quiz Bowl (the preliminary rounds were at 4) in our teacher's mom's room because the hotel (4 star, by the way) doesn't have all of the rooms ready. Which is kind of ridiculous. Anyway, Quiz bowl.
We won the first round 17-2! Piece of cake.
...then proceeded to lose the second round 8-4. Ha.

It's okay though. It was so much fun. I definitely want to do it again.

On Saturday, we really didn't have much to do, since we were out of the contest. We have breakfast in the morning, and around 2:00 one of my roommates asked if I wanted to go with her and a couple other girls to walk around town a bit. We do, and it was so much fun! We just browse a bit. Things are pretty expensive.
Meanwhile, my roommate keeps saying that her stomach hurts. I don't think too much of it though, because she has a blood disorder, and didn't take her pill. Oh, and she's a complainer.

My other roommate, her, and I, decide to go down to the lobby and get some dinner at the restaurant there.
Long story short - and I'll spare you the details - she PUKED in the elevator! I about flipped my lid. I screamed a little. It's a phobia of mine; puking. I can't take it. Whenever someone even TELLS me their stomach hurts, I get all shaky.


Then, the back of my jeans got splattered a bit. And I only brought one pair with me. So I have to wear a skirt the rest of the weekend. It sucked. :( That included a hockey game.

BUT, nevertheless, my roommates (besides the pukey girl) completely and totally rocked. I made three new friends! They are so awesome.

I recall eating a lot of elk jerky, pretzel rods, and a $9 pint of ice cream (that sucked).

I'm going again next year.

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