Friday, December 10, 2010

Fill in the Blank Friday.

Happy Friday!

(How cute is that picture?) :)

1. I wish I could take a year-long trip around the world. How amazing that would be. There's just so many places I want to see - and soon!
2. Yesterday I got through the day. Eh. I'm not so much for school. But, I got a couple hours of time alone at home; that was nice. I read a little, did some homework, and even cleaned up the house a bit.
3. Today I will be going out to eat with family, and then who knows what else. School's over for today, but I'm hoping to get a little reading in.
4. Tomorrow I will be at my cousin's house in Detroit for a family Christmas party! We do one every year, and I'm kind of excited for this one. Although, my mom's side of the family is a little high-strung, so... wish us luck. Dad can't go because he has to work overtime. Sad face. :(
5. Maybe I can get all A's by the end of the semester. It's not looking too hot right now. :( Wish me luck! :)
6. Someday I'll be married. (I hope! One of my fears is never marrying... and boy, I want to be married! ha!)
7. I love thinking about going to France someday. Twitter. Good friends. Christmas. Nashville. Dark wash jeans. The Eiffel Tower. My sisters, family.


  1. You sound so mature and sweet for your age :) You will absolutely be married one day! And secretly, I LOVE my Twitter, too ;)

  2. hahahaha i love how you put 'high-strung'...pretty sure you hit the nail on the head with that one ;)