Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sweet Sixteen and - oh, wait...

Last night at D's was a success.
Not to go into full detail, and I feel a little weird for just posting about this, but...

I've been kissed.

My very first (and second) time.

And I can't stop smiling. :)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Exams, crushes, lack of blogging and other nonsense.

First off, I just have to apologize for my lack of posting the past week or so.

We just finished up a semester at school and had our final exams yesterday and today.
I did decent... not nearly as good as I had hoped though. But oh well, you win some, you lose some right?

In other news... I feel like, at nearly 16, it's okay to actually talk about my so-called 'love life'.
I think I've got some great 20-something followers that would give me very helpful advice. ;) Not to go too much into detail, but I'm going over to my friend D's house Saturday, and we're going to watch a couple movies, and he may even teach me how to play the drums. :O Haha, that was a joke. But anyway, I'm super nervous. Which I know is normal, but still, it's annoying nonetheless. And the bad thing is, when I get nervous, I get super shaky, and I talk really fast. It's embarrasing! Do you guys have any tips on how to subdue the nerves?

Other than that... just wanted to share some great photos I came across today.
(via glitterunicorn, isadoraribeiro)

And hey, one of me for good measure. :D

(All photos and their sources can be found here and here)

Hope everyone has a fabulous Friday!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

BEHOLD! Part 2.

Do you love it? :)

I do!

I think it's the perfect length. Not too long, not too short. Best of all, it will be super quick to do in the morning, because honestly any second I can save is a second I could be sleeping.

It's almost a new me.

I'm getting a haircut today.

(Yep, that's me without a shower, still in jammies just to show you guys how long my hair is. I typically always wear it up.)

Wish me luck.
I really don't know how this is going to turn out.

(Between the no braces, new haircut, and possibly contacts, it's like I'm growing up right before all your eyes.) ;)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I looove the first picture.
They're... perfect!
It's like they enhance every single photo.

Enjoy. :D

(I'll be posting about some great things I found shopping this weekend soon.)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Spring is in the air. Or is it?

Happy MLK Jr. day, everyone!

I'm feeling rather spring-ish today. And then looking online at spring clothes... makes me want spring. :) Unfortunately, in Michigan, it won't hit 50 degrees until about late-April.

But I'm sure wishful thinking can only help things.

American Eagle Dress

I looove these sandals from American Eagle

From Aerie

American Eagle T

Charlotte Russe

American Eagle Scarf

Sorry, American Eagle threw up all over this post. My bad.
I'm really loving pastels. Maybe it's just because they seem to say, "Spring. New beginnings. Warm weather. Newness." :)

Have a great Monday!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

3rd time's still a charm.

I'm supposed to get my braces off Tuesday. Did I mention we've had to reschedule my appointment 3 times?

I'll be looking like this until Tuesday.

Friday, January 14, 2011

I heart birthdays.

It's my birthday February 11.

I love, love, love birthdays!
To me, they are YOUR one special day of the entire year.

Plans are still undecided on as far as what I'm going to be doing, but one thing's for sure: I know what I want. :D

A new pair of TOMS Shoes. (And hey, some cash might be nice too.)
I own two pairs - white and gray Classics. Unfortunately, the white have gotten too stained to wear, and I just got a hole in one of my gray shoes. :( That was a sad day.

I'm deciding between:
Navy Classics


Olive Classics.

I think I'm leaning towards the navy pair, just because I wear so much of that and gray. (One thing I love about those colors: they're so interchangeable.) Although, part of me wonders if I should get the olive pair just to switch things up a bit. But I know for sure I'd love the blue pair. And part of me wants to just wait until new pairs come out in the Spring, because right now it's pretty slim pickings as far as choices. I know I'll see something I want then. What do you think I should do?

I am so excited for my birthday! Bummed I won't be able to get my license until mid-June at the earliest, but hey. Can't focus on that, right?
I'm turning sixteen!
I hear this is like a milestone or something.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to a great weekend ahead of me. Relaxing at home for now, but heading up to the larger city in our area to go shopping tomorrow, and probably get a steak at Texas Roadhouse. (I'm not in love with steak, but if you haven't gotten one from Texas Roadhouse you haven't lived! Ahh I'm hungry already.)

Happy weekending to you all!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Just whatever.

It's Wednesday.

And I'm finding it a little incredible that I actually am able to squeeze out about 10 minutes to write this post. But I find it necessary to update my blog friends on my life. ;)

I take my driver's training mid-term today. Wish me luck. I'm not too worried about it, but then again, who knows what could be on it. But we're also having a semi-pizza party. :) So there's always that to look forward to. And I'm a sucker for food.

Anyway, I just wanted to post some awesome photos I've found.

Take a look:

(I LOVE this room. Seriously. I want it.)

Well, I'm now off to take my mid-term. Hope you enjoyed the photos, post some of your own, I'd love to see them!


(ok, ok... I know I need to start giving credit to where I got the photos. But I'm in such a hurry and don't really have time. I know it's like illegal or something, and that the government wouldn't accept 'no time' as an excuse, but we'll just hope they don't see this post.)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

A note to followers and a little bit about me.

First off, I just wanted to give a big shout out - and thank you - to all 21 of my followers.

21 may be a slim number to a lot of people, especially those of you that have upwards of hundreds, if not thousands of followers. But to me, that's more than I ever thought would care enough about my little blog to read, let alone comment. :)

Also, in honor of this moment, I thought you guys might like to know a little bit more about myself. You learn tidbits here and there in my day-to-day posts, but there's a whole lot more to me than just that.

  • I am a little infatuated with the colors white, navy blue, and gray. Aside from blue jeans, I wear one of those colors every single day. I guess I like to blend in a bit. ;)
  • I tweet a LOT. It's a hobby for me, really. (No shameless self-promotion here, but, if you wanna follow me, click this. :)

  • I am very, very interested in Europe, especially France. It's my ultimate dream to visit France. I have even been considering relocating there for maybe a year or so after high school or college.
  • Both of my parents were married previously, and I have four half sisters. Their names are Ashley, Ashlie, Nicole and Nicole. No joke! It can get very confusing at times.
  • I drink way too much Diet Coke.
  • I've been to Tennessee I think 10 times.
  • I went to Mall of America this past summer. It's pretty cool - but I think it gets a little too much hype.
  • I LOVE birthdays. Which reminds me - mine is in a month and 2 days! I'll be 16 years old baby!
  • Keeping Up with the Kardashians is my 'guilty pleasure' show.
  • I love shopping. It's so fun for me to just go and spend a day at the mall. Maybe I should be a buyer for a store or something as a career. :)
  • I text a lot. But I'm not one of those annoying teenagers that's on their phone 24/7. But for me, texting is easier and a whole lot quicker than calling.
  • I love watching movies. It's a great way to waste a day.
  • Keane is one of my favorite bands. Seriously, they are the stuff!

That's about it, for now. :) Hope you guys all have a great rest of the weekend. Enjoy it while it's here!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Watch out!

There's a new driver on the road.

Well, not really.
I've just been practicing in my driver's training class. I don't even know where to begin with that one.

Yesterday was my first time driving. I got to be with my friend of 7+ years (I know, I'm too young to be able to say that). It was rough. We just drove around a small residential area in our town, which really wan't the worst part. That was getting the car straight with the curb, when backing up. I can back up just fine - it's the straightening it out. I was so frustrated, I wanted to cry! That sounds pathetic, but it's true. I could tell that my instructor was getting a little frustrated with me as well. That's what made it even worse. But, we got past that.
Today's drive was much, much better I must say. I did tons of lane changes and turns, and it's such a relief to have things come easier. Practice makes perfect; they weren't joking.

And about DECA?
Well... we didn't do as great as I'd expected. My partner & I didn't get any metals, and we're not going to State. Turns out that our teacher put us in a category that he normally saves for Marketing 2 students. We're first year. He claims he wanted to 'challenge us'. Well, we didn't understand exactly what we were supposed to do so that's why we didn't place. So sad! Eh, oh well. I didn't really want to go in the first place anyway. :)

Other than that, life's been so busy. I haven't had time for anything now, between drivers training, homework, and sleep.
Although, I'm pretty happy that I just got my new boots in the mail from Love Culture. :)

I love them so far. Has anyone else ever ordered something from there? How's the quality? It's my first time.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Today is the big day.

Today is the big day.
I start drivers training! I know, I know! At a month shy from 16, this should already be down, right? Yeah... that's what I think. Unfortunately, with mom saying I couldn't take it until I'm 16, this is even better. ;) I'm really excited, and hoping I'm not half bad at driving. It's Monday - Thursday, 6:15-8:15pm, for 3 weeks. Blah. But, it'll be okay. :) More updates to come, of course.

In other news, tomorrow I'm going to a local college with my marketing class, and we're going to be competing against other marketing students. We're all members of DECA, the largest student-led organization in the world. (Or so I hear.) We have to wear 'business professional' clothes. My comfort zone is very limited, and dress clothes exceed it. But, oh well.
Wish us luck! I'd love to qualify for state, but nationals would be even better, considering it's in Florida (or some warm state like that). ;)

Wish me luck!