Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The... er-year, in review.

Happy Wednesday to you all.
Or as the Spanish would say, "Feliz miercoles."
Or as the French would say, "Bon mercredi."
(I so wish I was French.)


I noticed I haven't talked about school as much as I would like.
So I thought it would be kind of fun to fill you all in.

Here we go.

1st block.

Originally, I thought this class would seriously blow.
When I was in the 8th grade, we briefly touched on Chemistry.
All we did though, was balancing equations.
You know, like this:

H2O+C6 H12 O2 = H4+O7

Okay, that equation probably made like no sense.
Anyway, I was really bad at solving Chemistry problems.
I was wrong about Chemistry though. I had developed this idea in my head that balancing equations was all it was about.
Lucky for me, I was WRONG!
It's the middle of the 3rd week of school, and we've already done like 4 labs. How fun!
I've done things involving
Bunson burners,
Hot plates,
paper clips,
Baking Soda,
Calcium Chloride,
& more.

2nd block

Where do I begin with el espaƱol?

The first day, we got put into groups. I have a partner.
No offense, but I got stuck with THAT guy.
The kid that pays no attention, and then asks me what we're supposed to do.
The kid who has fingernails longer than the average girl.
The kid who wants to go into fortune telling, so he tries to put his 'intuition' to use when we play memory with our flashcards.

I got that kid.

The overall class though, isn't too bad I suppose.
My teacher though... she's really great. She's nice.
But she talks like she got punched in the throat at a young age.
So softly.

3rd block
Basic Econ.

The first day of school, my teacher seemed pretty cool.
He likes Notre Dame, he is pretty young, and likes to have fun in class.
That is, until I noticed that he pretty much has favorites.
I don't play basketball, and considering that he's the girl's coach,
he seems to 'favor' the ones that did.
He constantly makes jokes with the 'popular' people,
and because I'm just your average Joe (Joanna?), I laugh off in the distance and pretend like his joke was funny.

I know that sounds like I really hate him, but he's actually kind of cool sometimes.

4th block
Language Arts.

I love my teacher!
Two years in a row, I couldn't be happier about it.
She's that cool teacher.
The one that doesn't give you much work,
will let you talk all you want (for the most part),
and even cusses in class sometimes to get her point across.
(It's actually pretty funny.)
Not to mention, the other day she gave me and my friend some rice cakes. The snack kind, you know.


5th block

I don't have many friends in this class, just a few acquaintances.
The teacher is pretty rad, but the work is just... ugh.
4 P's of marketing. 5 functions of marketing. (Or is it 7? I better go study up for the test tomorrow...)

6th block

Geometry. What a class.
I have a good (?) teacher. He seems pretty cool.
But honestly, I don't think I have ever seen this guy smile.
He makes jokes, and he is pretty funny...
But he doesn't smile.
He's that serious.
And it's weird, considering he has an entire bulletin board in his class covered in funny math quotes.
(i.e. 'Calculus has its limits', 'Decimals have a point', etc. etc.)

Believe it or not, my sophomore year is looking to be pretty average.

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