Friday, September 3, 2010

Fill in the Blank Friday #4

1. If I didn't have to work anymore I'd... actually, I go to school. If I didn't have to go to school anymore, I'd still go to school, because I have to get an education. And if I didn't get an education I would go nowhere in this world; I wouldn't be able to get a job, no one would marry me because I didn't have a job or a life, and it'd be a mess.
2. My favorite thing about a vacation is experiencing new things. Visiting places I've never been; I love traveling. It's also fun to meet new people, and see what things are like over in their little nook of the world.
3. When packing for a trip I usually forget something. I've been doing better with that lately though. A lot of the times I wait until the last day to pack. Bad idea. :)
4. If I could go on a roadtrip with anyone (dead OR alive) I would choose besides Jesus, I would pick John Mayer, because he seems like he would be a great person to go on a roadtrip with. He's funny, a spur-of-the-moment sort of guy, and we would go... where wouldn't we go?
5. My top 3 absolute travel essentials are... 1) snacks, 2) a person who will let me go to the bathroom whenever I please, and 3) reading material. Books, magazines.
6. Vacations are great! Something my family doesn't do nearly enough.
7. On vacations you must always have fun. Make it a vacation worth remembering. After all, how often do you take them?

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