Friday, September 17, 2010

I want a lot of stuff.

I want a lot of stuff right now.


This great hoodie from American Eagle that would be good for fall.

These jeans from American Eagle. I love their dark wash jeans. I have a pair just like it, but honestly I could never have enough dark jeans.

These awesome TOMS. I could use another pair: who can't. :)

This duvet cover from IKEA. It's only $9.99!

If I couldn't get the duvet cover, I want this bed I found on House of Turquoise. I am in love with it!

This sign I found on Etsy.

This adorable print called "Driving in Europe" I saw on Etsy.

A Nikon D5000.

A white case for my iPod Touch. I've had it for about 6 months but just haven't gotten around to buying one.

A new BlackBerry.

That's my wish list as of now.
I guess it could really be my Christmas list. After all, it's coming up pretty soon! :O

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