Thursday, September 9, 2010

Happenings at School

Today I had an appointment with my guidance counselor at school.
I wanted to talk about what options I would have if I were to drop choir, one of the classes that I have taken since the 7th grade.
My heart has never really been in choir, but... it was fun.
Really... I think I felt the people were more fun than the actual singing.

I talked to my counselor and decided that I should drop choir, and take Marketing.
My sister is the Marketing Manager at Provident Label Group, in Nashville, Tennessee. Ever since she has had her job, I thought it was just the coolest thing, and I wanted to do just that job when I grow up.

I switched classes.
Over the past year, I have developed a great relationship with my choir teacher, Mr. Moore. It was incredibly hard to say goodbye to the choir program, and I have been wishing I didn't do it. Deep down though, I know I made the right decision. If I want to pursue a career, I need to first find out if I like it, right?

Even thought switching from Choir to Marketing has made my day even worse than it already is... I know I made the right decision... no matter how bad I feel.

I know it may seem like I'm making a big deal out of this situation, but I'm going to miss my choir friends so much.
Here's to a great year for you all. :)

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  1. aww yay im so excited for you! i took marketing in high school and i absolutely loved it, hope you will like it too :)