Monday, October 4, 2010


Happy Monday.

This Monday's picture theme is:
Europe: In Black & White

I just think black and white pictures, especially of Europe, are so amazing.
They always make me smile, and can most definitely make my Monday a little bit better.

{via here.}

{via here.}

This photo just plain makes my heart melt.
{via here.}

I hate snow in Michigan. I have a feeling I would love snow in France.
{via here.}

Enjoy the rest of your day!


  1. That image of the Eiffel Tower growing is amazing~ really puts its epicness into perspective.

  2. Im dropping by from Mingle Monday.

    I too love Black & White pictures of Europe. Well to be honest more so France. Really I love anything that represents France.

    That Eifel Tower progression photo is one of my favorites. Great pics :)

  3. Thanks so much, Celia and Aimee!
    France, Europe, and the Eiffel Tower are all pretty much an obsession of mine. ;) I can't get enough of it!