Friday, August 13, 2010

Average Friday the 13th Trip to the Doc

My dad broke the tip of his finger at work today. Expecting a normal, Friday-the-13th trip to the emergency room, I was pretty surprised at how it turned out. So much so I had to share it.

There aren't seperate examination rooms at Borgess for emergencies. There's curtains dividing each area, which I believe would be in violation of Patient Right #2: You have a right to security and privacy. Lady, I didn't really want to know you've been experiencing dark, tar-ry stools, guy, I didn't need to know they might have to numb your nose and stick a scope down it to see what's going on in your guts. Oh, and guy that had a seizure across the hall today? You're on Flomax? Good to know.

They had to take my dad's fingernail off. Which is understandable, considering it was already about half off. Sick. Anyway, they did it right there in his little designated, curtain-enclosed area, and let my mom and I stay and watch. Well... my mom watched and took pictures, and I just looked down at my phone. I wanted to be in there, but I didn't want to watch them take a fingernail off. Mid-process, I glance up and see the fingernail coming off. I accidentally let a, "Uhhh!" out. Doctor's reply: "Please leave."
That's embarrasing. I was so humiliated I didn't even want to stay outside the curtain. I went to the gift shop.

Borgess may promise you'll see an emergency room doctor in 30 minutes or less, but they won't let you leave unless you've been there at least 4 hours. And we were there over 5.

Here are some pictures that highlight some points of our trip to Borgess to get my dad's fingernail taken off:
Helicopter bringing someone in

That's professional.
The finished product. :)

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