Saturday, August 21, 2010

I Wish...

My wishes (give or take a few):
  • I wish I were taller.
  • I wish my family was bigger.
  • I wish I could visit Europe right now.
  • I wish my sisters didn't live so far away.
  • I wish I were more creative.
  • I wish I had an iPhone, not a BlackBerry.
  • I wish there were Publix in Michigan.
  • I wish Facebook would let you customize your profile.
  • I wish Diet Coke didn't have so many chemicals in it.
Me wishing I was taller, isn't going to make me any taller. Me wishing my family was bigger, isn't going to make my family any bigger. Me wishing I could visit Europe right now isn't going to make me visit Europe right now. Etc, etc.

God puts you were you are now, under your certain circumstances for a reason. You can wish all you want...

But everything happens for a reason.

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