Sunday, August 8, 2010

Seventh Grade

In the seventh grade, I was obsessed with the Jonas Brothers. Nick, with his head of curly dark brown hair, Joe with his heart-melting eyes, and Kevin with his mad guitar playing skills. Me and Nick were a match made in heaven, I just knew it. If he only knew I existed.

The four or so months I lived and breathed Jonas were kind of a rough time. Being infatuated with 3 guys that don't know you're alive can be tough. You are constantly trying to think up new ways you could meet them (i.e. entering contests, becoming famous, or getting front row tickets to a show and crying your eyes out so they notice you). I may or may not recall shedding a few tears at watching another girl meet them on Ellen.

To quote my father, he's "done raising kids", so it's a little hard for me to get certain things. Such as... concert tickets. Not to mention one of their shows in New York sold out in 7 minutes flat. But boy, oh, boy, I just had to go to a concert. You can't be considered a TRUE fan until you've seen them live, right? Right. Long story short, I never went to a concert. And after my best friend, Sierra, a Jonas-fanatic moved, it was a little tough to continue with my obsession dedication alone. Nobody understood.

My parents told me in the midst of my love affair that it would not last. I'd move on. It was only a phase. But, of course, they were wrong. I was in love with Nick Jonas. We were meant to be. There was no way I would 'get over' the Jonas Brothers.

I got over the Jonas Brothers. I still listen to their songs occasionally and think they're great musicians. But I've moved on. After experiencing what would have been considered an 'addiction', I realize it wasn't healthy, and I would put too much on the line for people I hadn't ever met. (Don't get me wrong though... I'd still love to go to a concert. I didn't completely forget about them.)

Who are your Jonas Brothers?

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