Sunday, August 22, 2010

Summer 2010

This morning before church I got to thinking about how it is already August 22. School will be starting in just a few weeks, and it occurred to me to start reflecting on this summer; what I did and didn't do. There is still enough time to check a few things off the list!

Here is what I HAVE done:
  • Went to Mall of America with two of my best friends
  • Went to summer camp for a week
  • Spent 3 weeks in Tennessee
  • Painted a piece of pottery with my sister
  • Gone canoeing
  • Painted 2 pictures
  • Read all of The Count of Monte Cristo (Thanks, Josh.)
May seem like a lot, right? Well, wrong. Most of all that I did while I was in Tennessee, which was only 3 weeks as aforementioned.
I spent the last half of my summer doing basically nothing. It included a lot of TV-watching, Facebooking, and trips to the mall.

I'm starting a check list for next summer!

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