Friday, August 20, 2010

Fill-in-the-blank Friday! #2

1. My favorite current TV show is... Probably the Next Food Network Star. But that just ended... sad! But Aarti won - Hoorah!

2. The TV character I can relate to most is... hmm... that's a tough one!
3. My life is like (fill in with TV show and why).... Hannah Montana! ...Whoops, there goes my secret!

4. My all time favorite TV show is... As a kid (even now sometimes... shh...) Spongebob Squarepants. Now I really like shows like Next Food Network Star, The Office, and Everybody Loves Raymond.

5. A TV show that is ridiculously stupid, but I continue to watch is... Spongebob.

6. My favorite TV couple is... Jim and Pam. ;)

7. One TV episode I could watch over and over again is... Everybody Loves Raymond. My family loves that show - we own all 9 seasons! It's pretty ridiculous.

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